About Melanie

Hi there! My name is Melanie. I have just returned to Australia after 3.5 years in South East Asia. It feels odd  to return ‘home’ after a decade of moving around to pursue my interest in human rights: France, Austria, Italy, Chile, Thailand, Indonesia and now Australia.12346472_10156182929820161_7612641236254476548_n

While I was overseas, I worked in counter human trafficking, as an Advisor to the Thai government, got hit by a motorbike, travelled with the Princess of Thailand, worked in a Thai prison, fell in love, fell out of love, won silver in a triathlon, lived in a hut on the beach, had a snake shed its skin in my bag, and cycled around Northern Thailand alone.

I guess these ups and downs reflect my blog as a whole, as I muse about the good, the bad and the ugly of expat life… In short, I write about triathlons, scuba diving, travel, human trafficking, and my random ponderings of my wanderings in Asia.

Welcome to my blog!



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