Indonesian Adventures Part 3: More on Scuba Junkie Dive Resort

In my last two blog posts, I wrote about deciding to quit law to become a Dive Master, and my trip to Indonesia, to check out Scuba Junkie. I fell in love with Komodo and have decided to move there in December!

I mentioned that part of the resort’s charm is that it feels wild and cut off from reality, development, and busy tourism, yet provides the necessary comforts: good food, clean accommodation, and electricity. I wanted to elaborate on that, to give you a better idea of what it looks like… and so my Mum can picture where I am when I move here.


The resort is new but small. So gorgeous. This was my room …


I don’t think I’ll be sleeping in something so comfortable as a Dive Master Trainee though … more likely an open hut by the water’s edge like the ones on the right in this photo.

20150914_055343 copy

There is one communal space – a thatched dining area/bar – which provides a space to gather and chat at the end of the day. Or to read or write quietly, as I so often did – curled up in one of the many beanbags or rocking comfortably in a hammock. What a way to end a dive day.

blogindo1 scuba junkie komodo facebook photocred

OMG… I’m in Indonesia!

It’s nice to be able to spend time with Indonesians when diving in Indonesia! This may seem like a silly remark, but so many dive resorts employ foreign staff making interaction with locals limited. The local staff are funny and engaging – they are from the local villages around Komodo, and beyond.

The boat boys who ensure our diving needs are met seamlessly!
Photocred: SJ fb

This created an interesting multi-lingual dynamic, as customers and dive staff communicated in a plethora of languages – English, local dialects, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay, and when worst came to worst (or best?!)… mime!

The chef, Rian, and the other Indonesian staff made a feast every night… a combination of Western food and local Indonesian specialties. Some plates exceeded even my own spice limits, which I thought were pretty high after living in Thailand. We were never hungry. It was delicious.

How to get there?

It was a mission to get to this isolated little place in the middle of nowhere. But well worth it in the end! I got up at 3am to catch the first Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Denpasar Bali, where I received my first Indonesian visa. A new country to explore… I was so excited!

From Denpasar I took a tiny little propeller plane (Wings Air – Garuda also flies there) to Labuan Bajo on the island of Flores, and stayed the night in a local hotel. The next morning, I met Carys, the owner of Scuba Junkie, and travelled 1.5 hours in a longtail boat to the edge of Komodo National Park, where the resort is located.

All in all it took me 1.5 days to reach the resort from Bangkok. But it was well worth the journey… revealing the most isolated and idyllic place I have ever visited. Can’t wait to go back yeooowww!!!!

Komodo from the air

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