Indonesian Adventures Part 2: a new home – Scuba Junkie Dive Resort, Komodo

So I found my happy place… and new home!

Scuba Junkie Dive Resort, Komodo Indonesia… A little resort on an isolated beach:


After deciding I will do my Dive Master Training (DMT) in the coming year, I was busting to check out Scuba Junkie Komodo as a possible location. Mum and I had a whale of a time diving their sister resort in Malaysian Borneo, where I was impressed with their well-organised resort and excellent dive staff – key considerations when deciding where to do my DMT.

Thankfully SJ Komodo didn’t disappoint! With stunning scenery, no shops or bars, and limited internet – it’s the most idyllic place I’ve ever been.

Scuba Junkie Komodo

Scuba Junkie is the closest dive resort to Komodo National Park. Perched on a rocky beach, it’s a short boat-ride to the best dive sites. Each morning we went exploring on the SJ wooden boat, diving three times a day … tanning between dives, and relaxing on board as we cruised from site to site.

SJ Dive Boat
Chilling as we motored between dive sites

In the evenings we would gather in the Scuba Junkie lounge, to babble about the day’s diving… or take some quiet time to walk up the hill and watch the sun set across the incredibly beautiful national park.


In those moments I felt like I was the only person on earth, as I sat in complete silence – no cars, no people, no noise. Breathtaking.

Sunset over Komodo National Park

The atmosphere

I wrote this blog post as I lay in a hammock, watching children from the local village play on the beach.


Behind them, men were catching fish to feed their families in the village – an eclectic mix of tin houses on stilts. I walked through the village on my first day, and the locals quite literally stopped and stared as I wandered by… still unaccustomed to seeing foreigners on their shores.

But this is part of the charm of Scuba Junkie– it feels wild and cut off from development and busy tourism, yet provides the necessary comforts: good food, clean accommodation, and electricity!

By 9pm each evening I was exhausted from the diving, and relaxed from the good food and lack of technology.

I slept with my doors open and woke every morning around 5:30am, watching the sky light up Komodo in hues of pink and red as I snuggled in bed… a blissful moment in an idyllic location that I didn’t want to end…

The view from my room

Can’t wait to move there…

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